Abhayendra "Abhay" Raichand

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June 28,1788


Jan 11,1817

Created by

Haseena & Chand Raichand

Also Known As
  • Abhayendra Singh (Birth name)
  • Abhayendra (by Maithili)
  • Abhay (By Piya and the rest)
  • Abhay dude (by Misha)
  • Baby Brother Abhay (By Siddharth Mehra)
  • Little Brother Abhay(by Siddharth Mehra)
Physical description







Hair color

Jet Black

Eye color
  • Jet Black (as a human)
  • Greyish Blue(when a vampire)
  • Bright Blue(when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Piya Jaiswal/Dobriyal(Girlfriend then wife)
  • Arnab Dobriyal(Father-in-law )
  • Sugandh Jaiswal (Mother-in-law)
  • Madhu Dobriyal (Step mother-in-law)
  • Misha Dobriyal (Sister In-Law)
  • Panchhi Dobriyal (Would have been Sister In-law but got killed by Maithaili)
  • Chand Raichand (Father)
  • Haseena Raichand (Mother)
  • Siddharth Mehra/Raichand (Deceased Brother)
  • Praveen Jaiswal (Piya's uncle)
  • Princess Gayatrisinghi Shivranjani Maithili Gaurima Pandher (ex-girlfriend)
Special characteristics

Human abilities

Special abilities

Mental shield,Clairvoyance,Thought Interpretation,Mind Reading,Speed, Superstrength






Actor In real Life (Portrayed By "Vivian Dsena")

Abhay Raichand (Abhayendra Singh), a 200 year old vampire, is a rich and handsome boy, who, unlike the Mount College kids, is very recluse and mysterious. Piya Jaiswal, who recently moved to Dehradun after getting a scholarship, is instantly attracted towards him. Soon, she finds that she loves Abhay. He too loves her but can't confess to her, as he has a dark secret, which might cause trouble in Piya's life. To keep Piya away from himself, Abhay always acts rude towards her, but Piya knows this, and the further Abhay pushes her, the closer she gets to him. He became a vampire about 200 years back. What happened was, Abhay and his elder brother, Siddharth jumped into the fire in order to save Maithili (the love of Abhay and Siddharth). Since they were humans, they died. But two vampires, Chand and Haseena found the two brothers, and turned them. And since then, the rivalry between the two brothers continued for centuries. As the story progresses Piya finds out about Abhay's secret and decides to leave Dehradun but finally returns as she loves Abhay. Siddharth tries his best to turn Piya into a vampire as his revenge from Abhay but fails as Abhay saves her everytime. At one point Piya and Abhay are together but due to Siddharth and Maithili's plot Abhay's forced to erase Piya's memories as Maithili freezes him with ice and they are separated once again. In the next season Piya's shown to have returned from Paris as a model after a year but she remembers nothing about Abhay. At one point Piya goes to the place where Abhay's frozen and saves him. This time Jeh a werewolf comes to Dehradun to avenge his brother's death from Abhay. Meanwhile again Abhay pushes Piya away from him but gradually they are together again and throughout the season war continues between the vampires and the werewolves. Eventually Jeh kills Abhay but he is revived using a potion but at the price of turning into a human. After this Piya and Abhay start over in Mumbai but Jeh chases Abhay again to kill him and kidnaps Piya in this process but Abhay saves her with help from Arnab and he finally kills Jeh. At the end of the show Abhay and Piya are reunited and they finally get married.                                                                        

Abhayendra & Maithili In 1800's Edit

Abhay and Maithili
A little about Abhyendra's early life. He was born in Pandher in somewhere between 1800's and at the age of 17 started working in the Palace of pandher where he eventually met his first Love,"MAITHILI". Abhyendra brother siddharth was the second in command of the king of Pandher. Maithili was the last recorded princess of Pandher. Abhayendra first met maithili in the palace and after some time they both fell in love. No one execpt them and "siddharth"(abhay's brother) knew about it. Siddharth was jealous of Abhay as he had feelings for Maithili. Sometime near 1816-1817, Siddharth revealed the truth to the king thus betraying his brother and Abhay was thrown into solitary confinement for months. But Maithili rescued abhay. When the king heard that he decided to execute Abhay and Maithili. He set the Princess's room on fire. Siddharth comes to save maithili and so does Abhay but unfortunately they all die in the burning fire.

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