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Abhay RaichandEdit

Abhay is a strikingly handsome boy, who,unlike the Mount College kids, is very recluse and mysterious. Piya is very attracted and very much in love with him. Abhay too loves her but can't confess to her. Abhay though always acts rude toward her. He also gets very bugged by Kabir, who is the college cassanova. As Abhay is a vampire,he tries to avert every possible doubt that

Abhayendra "Abhay" Raichand
Biographical information

June 28.


Jan 11,1817

Created by

Haseena & Chand Raichand

Also Known As

  • Abhayendra Singh (Birth name)
  • Abhayendra (by Maithili)
  • Abhay (By Piya and the rest)
  • Abhay dude (by Misha)
  • Baby Brother Abhay (By Siddharth Mehra)
  • Little Brother Abhay(by Siddharth Mehra)
Physical description







Hair color

Jet Black

Eye color
  • Jet Black (as a human)
  • Greyish Blue(when a vampire)
  • Bright Blue(when thirsty as a vampire)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Piya Jaiswal/Dobriyal(Girlfriend then wife)
  • Arnab Dobriyal(Father-in-law )
  • Sugandh Jaiswal (Mother-in-law)
  • Madhu Dobriyal (Step mother-in-law)
  • Misha Dobriyal (Sister In-Law)
  • Panchhi Dobriyal (Would have been Sister In-law but got killed by Maithaili)
  • Chand Raichand (Father)
  • Haseena Raichand (Mother)
  • Siddharth Mehra/Raichand (Deceased Brother)
  • Praveen Jaiswal (Piya's uncle)
  • Princess Gayatrisinghi Shivranjani Maithili Gaurima Pandher (ex-girlfriend)
Special characteristics

Human abilities

Special abilities

Mental shield,Clairvoyance,Thought Interpretation,Mind Reading,Speed, Superstrength

Affiliation      Vampires




he is not a human but cannot help saving Piya every time as he cannot lose her a second time. Abhay had a very troublesome past as Abhayendra.H e was a stable worker and was in love with Maithili, a Pandher princess.The king got very angry seeing his daughter in love with a palace commoner and killed her by setting her room on fire. Abhayendra tries to save Maithili but she gets killed in the fire and he is saved by the vampire couple Chand & Haseena Raichand. He cannot lose Piya as he feels that Maithili has returned in the form of Piya. Maithili then returns as a vampire but she has changed to a evil person and is in love with Siddharth. They plan to kidnap Piya and kill her and Abhay. But then Abhay killd Siddharth. Maithili gets angry and freezes Abhay. Before Abhay freezes he gets Piya's memory gone so then Piya wouldn't remember Abhay. If she does it will be very dangerous because then Maithili will come back.He then freezes but then after a year Piya comes back. And he can get unfrozen only by true love and Piya does that. But then there are werewolves who want to kill him because when he was rescuing Piyabefore, he killed a werewolf that made friends with Siddharth. And that werewolf's relations came to kill Abhay. Well anyways, he pretends to be Panchi's girlfriend to make Piya move on.

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