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Piya has always been a different girl,a girl with a mind of her own.'''''Not the one who gets lost in a crowd;Piya never cared about fitting in with the trends and fads.Unlike girls of her age she was advers to love(she had a very strong reason for being lake that; she had a past.)But life had something else in store for her.Destiny held something else for her.And this happens when on getting a scorlarship ,Piya moves to Dehradun to purse her degree.She meets abhay there and falls in love.Abhay is a vampire.Maithili (abhays first love) freezes him as she knows that abhay loves piya.Abhay erases piya's memory.after one year Piya comes from Paris and is a supermodel. After Piya comes back, she always hears Abhay's voice when she needs help and she always feels like a connection to the forest. Whenever she sees the ice block that has Abhay inside it and she always feels a connection and always touches it. Then she meets Jay who she hates at first.


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